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MEMS: Micro-Electromechanical Systems

What is MEMS?

MEMS stands for Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems. MEMS techniques allow both electronic circuits and mechanical devices to be manufactured on a silicon chip, similar to the process used for integrated circuits. This allows the construction of items such as sensor chips with built-in electronics that are a fraction of the size that was previously possible. 

MEMS Products

Four devices using MEMS technology have been commercially successful for several years.

MEMS Products under Development

Several interesting new products and applications are being developed using MEMS.

  • MEMS - piezoelectric generator being developed for self contained wireless sensors

  • Computer game controller using MEMS accelerometer.

  • Programmable MEMS gyroscope with features that significantly lower the cost of integrating the gyroscope into industrial equipment.

  • MEMS microphones that are smaller and more resistant to heat than conventional microphones.

  • MEMS RF switches to reduce power losses in microwave applications.

  • MEMS blood pressure sensor with wireless data transfer that can be implanted in patients.

  • MEMS oscillators that are smaller and more integrated with electronics circuits than current quartz oscillators.

MEMS Company Directory

Company MEMS Products
MicroGen Systems Piezoelectric generator that transforms vibrational energy into electricity
Analog Devices Accelerometers and gyroscopes
STMicroelectronics Accelerometer based motion sensors
MEMSCAP Custom products as well as blood pressure sensors for the medical field and air pressure sensors for the aircraft industry
Silex Microsystems Custom products including mirror arrays for fiber optic switching, pressure and flow sensors for medical applications
Tronics Microsystems Custom products including accelerometers, pressure sensors, scanning mirror, and  RF switches
SiTime Oscillators
Discera Oscillators
Debiotech Insulin pump
Baolab MEMS produced with CMOS production methods

MEMS Resources

MEMS at Sandia National Laboratory

MEMS Industry Group; a trade association for MEMS industries

National Science Foundation Research Center for Microsensors and Microactuators

Center for MEMS and Micosystems Technology

Laboratory for Integrated Micro Mechatronic Systems (LIMMS)



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