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The properties of buckyballs (also known as fullerenes) have caused researchers and companies to consider using them in several fields. The following survey of buckyball applications introduces many of these uses. Click on any of the links below to go to a detailed explanation.

A survey of buckyball uses:

Buckyballs may be used to trap free radicals generated during an allergic reaction and block the inflammation that results from an allergic reaction.

The antioxidant properties of buckyballs may be able to fight the deterioration of motor function due to multiple sclerosis.

Combining buckyballs, nanotubes, and polymers to produce inexpensive solar cells that can be formed by simply painting a surface.

Buckyballs may be used to store hydrogen, possibly as a fuel tank for fuel cell powered cars.

Buckyballs may be able to reduce the growth of bacteria in pipes and membranes in water systems.

Researchers are attempting to modify buckyballs to fit the section of the HIV molecule that binds to proteins, possibly inhibiting the spread of the virus.

Making bullet proof vests with inorganic (tungsten disulfide) buckyballs.

Buckyball Company Directory

Company Products
ApNano Lubricants made with inorganic buckyballs
BuckyUSA Buckyballs and carbon nanotubes
IoLiTec Buckyballs, carbon nanotubes and metal, oxide, nitride, and carbide nanoparticles

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